Tea with a purpose. 

Verde Vivo Tea provides mindfully-made, globally-inspired premium loose leaf tea blends. Our tea is made with organic ingredients and aims to give back to the communities of our tea growers as well as our own. We believe that tea is made for people, by people. Thus with our globally-sourced tea bases we support community development programs in various tea producing regions.


Our Cause

Verde Vivo Tea and our partners are committed to connecting and supporting our local and global community of tea-lovers and neighborhood growers alike. We source both local and global ingredients to ensure that we bring you the freshest and highest quality tea and to ensure that we are doing our part on a domestic and global scale. So, know that when you purchase our tea, you are joining a local and global community tea-lovers and are playing a huge part in supporting sustainable and responsible sourcing!


Our Quality

All of our tea is farmed using mountain tea sustainable farming production techniques. This ensures that when you purchase Verde Vivo Tea, it has high levels of organic material and a positive effect on the structuring of aggregates, stability, retention and regulation of humidity.

We seek to provide tea that is exceptional in flavor and extraordinary in its mission to encourage social and environmental responsibility.